We commemorated the Hungarian Revolution and War of 1848–1849

2020. Mar 13. | news and events

On 13th March we held a small celebration of our national holiday, 15th March. During our 20-minute school ceremony we were commemorating the events and leading figures of the revolution and war of independence in 1848–1849. At the beginning of our ceremony we were singing the national anthem of Hungary together, after that the students participating in the ceremony told the rest of us the events of the Revolution’s outbreak, 15th Match. At the end of our commemoration all of our kids were singing the beautiful Hungarian folk song, Spring winds raise the tide of water, accompanied on piano by our beloved teacher, Zsuzsanna Csóti-Gálfi. This was the first time our students wore their IPS school uniform, which helped them feel a sense of belonging. We are looking forward to participating in such heartfelt events.