General Information

Szeged International Primary School

The Student status

Every student has the right to

– learn and grow in a safe and welcoming school environment according to their interest and abilities

– to be provided with time to relax, free time, sports facilities and school canteen tailored to their need and age.

At IPS the goal of both teachers and parents is the same, to develop our lifelong learners to be well qualified, confident and successful global citizens who as independent humans, strive happily for excellence in everything they do.

The student status of the child becomes effective upon registering at IPS on the first day of the school term.

If a Student would like to apply for a student card, the school can provide assistance

Work schedule of the school

The standard opening hours of the school are Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m  to 5:00 p.m.

Pupils should arrive at school 15 minutes before the first period.

The first lesson starts at 9:00 a.m.

Before school starts pupils can gather in the school building from 8:00 a.m.

The school provides supervision for pupils before the first lesson and after the last lesson within the school opening hours.

From To
Class 1 09.00 09.40
Class 2 09.50 10.30
Snack time 10.30 11.00
Class 3 11.00 11.40
Class 4 11.45 12.25
Lunch break 12.30 1.30
Class 5 1.30 2.10
Class 6 2.20 3.00

Extra-curricular activities

  • horseback riding
  • robocode
  • modern dance
  • karate
  • football
  • drama club
  • yoga
  • science club
  • french class

Other activities

  • daycare
  • sporting activities
  • tutoring and talent programmes
  • study contests
  • field trips
  • visiting exhibitions and museums
  • visiting the puppet theatre, the theatre and the cinema
  • school trips

School canteen

School meals during school-time (morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack) are provided by the school.

Every meal is served in the school canteen and must be eaten in this area.

If the meal is cancelled one day prior to a student’s absence then a refund can be provided.

Cancellations have to be submitted to Dóra Farkas, school finance manager, on the previous day before 10:00 am.

Tuition fees Szeged IPS

Registration fee: 100.000 HUF
To pay on enrollment non-refundable

Full year fee 1.200.000 HUF
Monthly payment 100.000 HUF
Payment due: 10. September and then 5th of each months
Savings none
Per half year 588.000 HUF
Payment due 10. September and 5. February
Savings 12.000 HUF
Per year 1.152.000 HUF
Payment due 10. September
Savings 48.000 HUF
Full year fee 1.740.000 HUF
Monthly payment 145.000 HUF
Payment due: 10. September and then 5th of each months
Savings none
Per half year 852.600 HUF
Payment due 10. September and 5. February
Savings 34.800 HUF
Per year 1.670.400 HUF
Payment due 10. September
Savings 69.600 HUF
Full year fee 1.440.000 HUF
Monthly payment 120.000 HUF
Payment due: 10. September and then 5th of each months
Savings none
Per half year 705.600 HUF
Payment due 10. September and 5. February
Savings 28.800 HUF
Per year 1.382.400 HUF
Payment due 10. September
Savings 57.600 HUF

All fees are to be payed in Hungarian Forint The school reserves the right to apply 10% surcharge to late payments. Fees include tuition. The fees do not include textbooks and stationary. Food is not included.

Further information: There are no other fees connected with any compulsory part of the school’s educational programme. Optional trips are charged at cost. Pupils are covered by a group accident policy which is valid while they are on school premises or participating in a school-sponsored activity, accompanied by a teacher – contact the school for further details. One term’s notice in writing or one term’s payment is required for withdrawal of a pupil during the academic year.  

Name: Szegedi Nemzetközi Általános Iskola
Address: 6727 Szeged, Lidicei tér 1.
Account number: 11735005-26037987
Currency: forint
Parents signing a School Fee Agreement acknowledge and accept the Szeged International Primary School Code of Conduct. Fees are payable by transfer to the school account. Please ensure the name and year group of the student are stated on the payment. Please download privacy policy.